Ninja Scroll’s UK Release Set for October

ninja scroll october 15 UK releaseManga UK is releasing Ninja Scroll on BD on October 15. The edition will be an exclusive one – a Blu-ray steelbook  created especially for the British buyers. Something flashy is planned and the company is pretty happy with the possible sales, especially after Akira’s BD buy-rate.

The design of the steelbook will be revealed in June (not certain if it’s early or late June, though) and it will definitely be something eye-catching. Hopefully, the new design will be suitable for both the Ninja Scroll die-hards and the ones who haven’t seen it and need to be hooked at seeing it in the store.

Source: Twitter

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5 thoughts on “Ninja Scroll’s UK Release Set for October

  1. Wish it was earlier, though… Have a friend that is a Ninja Scroll freak having a birthday in September… Would’ve worked out great.

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