Pokemon Black & White Season II PV (Video)

pokemon black and white season twoThe new season of Pokemn Black and White is beginning this June 21! Are you excitingly waiting for it or have you put up a wall around yourself so that you don’t get any Pokemon news? Let me break it (if the answer to the second question was ‘yes’) with this TV advertisement for the upcoming second season! Available below.

The legendary Pokémon Meloetta will be included in this second series. The same character will also be the main one in the July 14 theatrical release of Meloetta to Kirakira Recital. In this new seaon we will catch-up with Satoshi and Shirona who will be getting back together as well as with the new enemy rival of Satoshi whose name is still a mystery. “Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup” on East Isshu is the tournament and there will be lots of sweat. Are you buying some tickets?

Source: YouTube
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    1. I know what you mean….I know so many people that first started watching anime by seeing Pokemon :D

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