Girls & Panzer Anime (Video)

girls und panzerA first trailer for the upcoming project by Bandai’s Lantis had been streamed through the official YouTube channel of the label. Girls & Panzer will be an autumn anime series which will centre around high school girls that drive tanks and participate in specific competitions. Below is the promotional video as released on YouTube


Miho Nishizumi to be played by Mai Fuchigami

Saori Takebe to be played by Ai Kayano (Aquarion Evol’s Mikono Suzushiro)

Hana Isuzu to be played by Mami Ozaki

Yukari Akiyama to be played by Ikumi Nakagami

Mako Reizei to be played by Yuka Iguchi (Bakemonogatari’s Tsukihi Araragi)


Directing the anime will be Tsutomu Mizushima, whose previous works include Blood-C (I know you’re unhappy with the ending, but the graphics were good, after all), Another and Squid Girl. The script is in the hands of K-ON!‘s Reiko Yoshida.

Source: YouTube and ANN
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