Mysterious Girlfriend X Gets Novel Adaptation in June

nazo no kanojo x mysterious girlfriend xNazo no Kanojo X (a.k.a. Mysterious Girlfriend X) is getting its idea adapted into an original novel book! The topic will, once more, be about the odd love between a female and a male Japanese high school students. The title of this project is Mysterious Girlfriend X: Mysterious Novel Version and will come out in Japan this June 1.

The plot revolves around a strap of a sort (I do hope it is rather a phone strap than a brassier one) that can make a person fall in love with the one who gives it to him/her. The relationship that will e given life to, will last forever… or at least that’s how the myth says. Everything about its special purpose and abilities should be kept a secret.Main character Akira Tsubaki will be having a rough time.

Writing the novel will be Chihaya Satou (though I couldn’t find anything about such a person and if you see me mistaking this: “小説は  佐藤ちはやが執筆する。” , please correct me!), while Riichi Ueshiba will do the illustrations.

Source: Comic Natalie

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