Anime is Hazardous: Can You Read My Poker Face?

Allen Walker PokerI cannot say I have been very surprised when I understood that even in the human world you have such things like hazard and gambling… We have them too! Though… we usually bet on human lives. Anyway, although the number of anime that occupy themselves with gambling may be big, I wanted to make this post about a more specific topic – Poker. Now, this was a challenge!

Poker is a game where everything depends on the player – how will he be understood, how will the others play their own cards, how will the game proceed – it is all about the player. Poker can be taken as a very psychological and strategic game, especially when done well. Thought in casinos, the croupier often takes things into his or her hands, in real situations, where the handler is not a side in the game, it is really all about how will the players act and what will they do.

Allen Walker Poker In order to explain some things in poker, I’ll make use of some anime.

Can you read the poker face of this guy? It plainly says “I will just make you feel sorry you even started this” and it is just what he did to the poor guys. Thankfully, Allen Walker’s life as a sidekick of Marian Cross in the past has taught him something – how to cheat!




There are also these men, who believe that they are the ace card in the deck…

Tykki Mik poker

When actually, when they meet a true player, they usually get not only beaten, but it would be mostly very embarrassing. Note: The guy with the cards from the image below is D.Gray Man’s Tykki Mik (the one in the middle), driven to such a state by Allen Walker.




Changing the topic… poker, even in anime, has turned into a life-or-death game and can often be the reason of some main character’s demise… Naturally, as odd it is, everyone might get addicted – even the ones who never manage to win anything. If you have seen Naruto’s first series, you will know what I mean. Tsunade-hime has barely any control over her addiction.

 Naruto Tsunade Poker

Poker can be a fun game, definitely, especially if you’re playing it with some friends or are always on the winning side… although you need to be a real player for this… and a very good liar too! All in all, you will need a lot of training to achieve consistency. Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, for example needed a lot of time in order to achieve her consistency (although not a winning, but a losing one). You do remember that she is an old hag in reality, right!?

You need to be training all the time and you can do it with everyone. It is crucial to spend a lot of energy and days on becoming the best. Spring, summer, winter and autumn – all seasons, everywhere! Even in the train!

Fullmetal Alchemist Poker

 You can always try your best in training with online websites such as Party Poker (don’t worry, there are options that are free of charge) and see what you can do versus real players or computers. There you can even play in French, which is quite helpful if you want to beat those people in the great casinos in Monaco!!!



Devil May Cry Poker


But if you do this, there is a chance that you will one day become not only one of the best, but also rich-looking and sexy while playing… especially when winning. Just look at that beautiful lady from Devil May Cry…



All in all, anime is filled with gambling, additions and bad guys, but most of all – fun. Even when it comes to losing one’s life savings… it’s always fun! Although… in Allen Walker’s case, he couldn’t even save his money due to this Cross-san! The question for you is: can you read those character’s poker faces or are you better than this?!

Images © : D Gray Man – TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Dentsu, TMS Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment

Devil may Cry – Madhouse Studios, ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, Media Factory

Naruto – Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Viz Media

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