Fate/Zero’s Theme Song Performer LiSa Greets Her Fans! (Video)

lisa fate/zero theem song performerLiSa, the performer for the theme song of the Fate/Zero anime series, has released a video of herself announcing her single ‘oath sign”s availability in the US as well as her future appearance in the Anime Expo event at the end of June. You can see her extremely charming greeting and all the cute stuff she did in it below.

Anime Expo will happen this June 29 – July 2, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and will be a huge event, as usually.

 LiSa is the third of the special guests that the official website has announced. The other two are Stave Blum – the English voice actor of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Orochimaru, Zabuza and a few more secondary characters from Naruto. Jamie Marchi, the other special guest at Anime Expo, is known for her participation in the adapted script of Panty & Stocking and also the voice of the title character Panty.


Source: Aniplex US’ Official YouTube Channel

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6 thoughts on “Fate/Zero’s Theme Song Performer LiSa Greets Her Fans! (Video)

  1. Really?! There was a person singing this? I thought it’s a Vocaloid…so squeaky… Nice girl, though :D

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