The New Vocaloid Mayu Introduced

new vocaloid mayu
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A new Vocaloid character called Mayu has been introduced by Exit Tunes. This happened at the 10th anniversary event of the company in Saitama this Sunday. Mayu is a yandere middle school girl that loves her plush bunny.

Although there is a specially developed website for her, Mayu is still pretty much a mystery to us all. There is a pack of goodies (several wallpapers for smartphones and computers) that can be downloaded through one of the two clickable items on the page and one of them is right next to what you;re currently reaing. yes, the enlargeable image to the left.

Another great thing that is written on the website is that everyone can use the images and unregistered marks of the new vocaloid as they like for fan-themed works that is. This, however, includes clothes, accessories, food etc. Although you cannot hear it from the website, the first single by Mayu-san is “Kami Uta” by DJ Uto. It was played at the event on Sunday, but is not uploaded on the website.

vocaloid mayu

Source: Official Mayu Website

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