Tari Tari Anime Teaser (Video)

Tari Tari anime is the new project by P.A. Works and will launch in Japan this July (no certain date yet). In this first video of the show, we meet the main characters in the upcoming series as well as the really cute ambiance and graphics.  You can see the video, which is almost 2-minutes-long, below.

The show will tell us the story of several high school students. They are still young, but not young enough to feel like children and are already somewhat grown-up but not exactly adults. They, however, prefer to address themselves as adults. The five (two musicians, an archer/horse rider, a badminton player and a Japanese student who comes to study in Japan for the first time after 12 years) are brought together in their final year of studies in this high school by music, more specifically the music club.

 Source: Official Website

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