Aniplex and Dengeki G with a New Collaboration (UPDATED)

A new project by Aniplex animation studio has been mentioned in ASCII Media Works’ Dengoki G magazine’s latest issue. The upcoming anime will not be an adaptation of neither novels nor manga series, as stated in the message (“a new original animation project”).

The May issue of the magazine will feature a cover page and a lot of information related to this new collaboration with the studio behind Blood+ and others.

A new website has been registered under Aniplex’s name ( but it is still unavailable and blank.

UPDATE: The website is now running. Here is what the news is:

Every 24 or 48 hours a new keyword will be released on the official website until the official announcement on May 30.

There will also be a TV ad released on May 4, 2012.

The first keyword is: ラーマは ”友情” (Raama is “Friendship”)

DISCLAIMER: I am not native Japanese speaker and I’d like you to have that in mind when I’m doing translations. Thank you very much, my dear humans!

Source: 0taku

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15 thoughts on “Aniplex and Dengeki G with a New Collaboration (UPDATED)

  1. Rama as the Hindu deity? Could be… I believe friendship to be one of the lead principles of that philosophy/religion. Interesting, though…

      1. In case you’re interested, you can read the story of Rama and Sugriva from the Ramayana :) (P.S. Could be found in Google, I believe ;) )

    1. You are so correct! I just found something about it too! (thanks to your hint, of course!)
      Do you think it will be about religious matters or mythology? I am so excited from this first “clue”!

      1. I would bet on a touching tale of friendship… Hopefully with a lot of mythology references and battles ;)

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