Touya Mikanagi’s K∀RNEVAL Manga To Have Anime

Touya Mikanagi’s shoujo manga Karneval (a.k.a. K∀RNEVAL) will be getting its very first anime adaptation! The series, which began with its first chapter being published in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Zero Sum magazine in 2008, already has 8 published volumes. This means that there is plenty of development for a nice anime, doesn’t it?

The story revolves around an underground organisation called “Circus” and the adventures of those who came to be accepted into its numbers. Nai is a young man who follows his heart and a single item, trying to find that person he is searching for during his entire life. Gareki is a thief and a pickpocket. He lives by stealing. The story begins when the two of them meet in the same mansion while following their own leads. Having been involved into something they had no idea would happen and are accused of being the culprits by none other than the military. It is because of Circus that they manage to turn things around… or do they?

Source: Comic Natalie

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