Neo Angelique Abyss Review: Beautiful Graphics and a Flat Plot

I was told to watch Neo Angelique Abyss (ネオアンジェリーク Abyss) by a friend. She thought this was a greatly developed show that got her hooked from the very start. I trust my friends and got to watching it as soon as I got the chance. Now, a week after finishing its two seasons, I have to admit that there is a lot of beautiful animation happening in this anime, but the plot could have used more depth.

Neo Angelique Abyss is a spinoff anime adaptation of the Angelique video games and based on the popular homonymous otome game (destined for girls and usually with a lot of guys and the girl who needs to get to know each of them if she wants be closer to one). The story is divided in 2×13 episodes and if you want to know it and make as much sense as possible from the plot – you absolutely must see them both. The second season is called Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~.

The project is broadcasted by Yumeta Company in April 2008 and continued until September 2008. There was also a spinoff series by the name Angelique which, though, doesn’t include all the pretty guys from the show and the take on character design is quite different.

Neo Angelique Abyss and ~Second Age~ revolve around the Queen’s Egg or the unborn all-powerful protector of the world of Arcadia and beyond. The Queen’s Egg is not only one; she is many but only one of them will manage to develop and become the true essence of what her role is. Angelique is a young student in an all-girl school and has no idea what is expecting her when she gets to meet a few handsome young men in the same day in which she is told that Noblesse Oblige to her means acting like the real keeper of the balance. Through the 26 episodes, all the characters change and transform. The biggest effect, of course, can be seen on Angelique and Erebos Nyx. The others mainly get introduced and we get to know them better with each new episode.

Nyx is the nobleman who suddenly appears in Angelique’s life and changes it for the better of everyone. He introduces her to her abilities and everyone else’s, he even become a close friend or maybe more…

Actually, the story has something that might’ve turned out good. It’s like a good video game gone bad, though. Having as many possibilities in characters, in moods and opinions, in abilities… there could’ve been so much more to see in this anime. In my own opinion, it is just an otome game with moving characters instead of still images. The plot has suffered because the production studio didn’t dare developing the idea. Although it does have some kind of a development, I believe that with a better story, it could’ve worked for both shoune and shoujo fans. Now, I don’t even think it worked that well for the shoujo fans either.

One good side of this historical anime is that it really does make wonders with the images and visual arts. The dresses, the way everybody’s hair moves – it’s well thought of… though, this is not really enough for me to like the anime.

 As a whole, I believe everyone is entitled to have and express their opinion. Mine is that this is not really worth your c.a. 13 hours. You can watch many other otome adaptations and enjoy them much more than this one. On the bright side, it is an easy way to pass the time if you don’t have what to do.


Images: © KOEI Co, Ltd./ ネオアンジェリーク製作委員会

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6 thoughts on “Neo Angelique Abyss Review: Beautiful Graphics and a Flat Plot

  1. I am not sure how would this sound, but I really liked the first episode of “Neo Angelique Abyss”…and then, when I was expecting for the “Big Bang” and it never came…

    1. Couldn’t agree more… Nyx seems to be having a better tamagotchi than I did as a child – it moves and is an AI!

  2. I have never heard any better description of this anime than “a good video game gone bad”. Thanks for the great review.

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