Nono & Nene Motoe Return with Blood-C: The Last Dark’s Second Character Intro (Video)

After the first character intro video by the producers of Blood-C:The Last Dark movie that is coming out in cinemas across Japan this June 2, we were afraid that there was not going to be a second. Happy I am today to present you the awaited cuteness overload with presenters Nono and Nene Motoe (in chibi form) and their look on character Fumito Nanahara.

Also visible are scenes from the upcoming movie as well as ones with everyone’s favourite evil-hearted hero Saya!



Source: Official Blood-C: The Last Dark Website

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7 thoughts on “Nono & Nene Motoe Return with Blood-C: The Last Dark’s Second Character Intro (Video)

    1. Would love to hear what do you watch. ;) Like “Level E” which is so non-commercial. (Sorry about that, you know I love you, Baka)

    2. Sorry, but I can’t stand you. You go here daily, comment on everything and hate on everything and everyone. Let things be and don’t comment if you don’t like it! It’s not a must to post your *always negaive* opinion!

      1. You know what I pity? People who think only positive comments should be added to posts. Go back to the totalitarian government, young one – you’ll love it.

        Brutal has a point, though. But we’re old human and therefore subjective.

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