NemaCon 2012The Middlesbrough anime and manga convention NemaCon is back this year! The event is returning for the third consecutive year after debuting in 2010. Having promised their guests lots of interesting happenings and famous participants, the NemaCon 2012 sure seems like something to be looking forward to.

North East Manga and Anime Convention will last for two days – June 23 and 24. All tickets for the event are two-day weekend passes and are available for everyone over 14 years of age.  The cost is 18.50 GBP plus 1.50 GBP for postage (making 20 GBP), but can also be purchased from the Middlesbrough Town Hall’s ticket office.

Currently, Skit Competition Applications as well as the Cosplay Masquerade Applications are both open.

Source: Official NemaCon Website

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