Senran Kagura Game Anime Greenlit and on The Move

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Senran Kagura Burn is a Nintendo 3DS game that is just about to be released on the Japanese market. According to a brief news posted in the latest issue of the weekly Famitsu magazine, the action game’s original story will have a TV anime adaptation. The project has been green-lit and already in the works.

Senran Kagura Burst the second instalment of a ninja-themed action adventure game. The anime’s main characters will be kunoichi (female ninja).

The original Senran Kagura game from September 2011 gave life to another adaptation – a manga series in the monthly Comic Alive magazine by Media Factory.

Source: 0taku

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4 thoughts on “Senran Kagura Game Anime Greenlit and on The Move

    1. The sad thing is that compared to most successful game instalments, this one’s sales are low. Why are they continuing with it then?!

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