Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Anime Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

The North American anime distributor Sentai Filmworks has added yet another popular anime from the Spring season to their lists. Queen’s Blade: Rebellion, another adaptation of the famous franchise, just aired this April 3 in Japan.

The story revolves around the current Queen and winner of the last Queen’s Blade tournament – Claudette “The Thundercloud Queen”. Four years after the first tournament, her despotism and tyranny have taken their toll on the world and there are just a few able to confront her. Annelotte, a young knight and an exiled princess, is leading an army of rebels. Her aim is to fight against the unjust rules of the current time and a revenge for what has once been taken away from her. The Continent is in ruins and a lot of people are afraid to voice their opinions, but the young Knight will try to change the situation.

Let’s remind you that Sentai Filmworks also announced the acquisition of Medaka Box’s North American rights just yesterday.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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10 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Anime Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

    1. I believe it’s a circle-like thing. There is supply and there is need, there is need and there is supply. If there is need for samurai or horror anime, there will be supply, but if there is no supply the ones who might like it would never be exposed to it…

      1. True. How very true… Maybe we should be more active – write an email, post on Twitter or so… Not that I mind ecchi as much ;)

      2. True. But pleading for it is a big responsibility. You have to make the marketing research for them, as well as assuming the mangaka will sell the rights…

      3. Keep in mind that censuring Vagabond would murder some of the manga’s charisma and creating a good impression to the fans as well as the ones who haven’t read ti for one reason or another is very hard.

      4. True…but there are 18+ ratings for this. ;) That will of course mean less viewers… Seems like my enthusiasm just went down.

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