J-Poppers The Fairies Inspire Manga

The popular J-pop girlband Fairies has inspired a manga series. It will tell the story of a group of girls who were inspired by the mythological beings (fairies) to become dancers. It will be serialized by Margaret and will launch in the magazine’s August issue (to come out 04.08.2012).

The manga is a personal project by Shueisha’s own editor-in-chief Yuji Sawano. According to an official announcement the reason behind this new idea is that dancing will be introduced in Japanese schools as a compulsory class and Sawano-san wanted to make the young students believe that dancing is cool and great unlike most of the compulsory elements.He was inspired by the girlband Fairies (Shimomura Miki, Hayashida Mahiro, Kiyomura Kawane, Ito Momoka, Fujita Miria, Nomota Sora, and Inoue Rikako) which was found just a year ago.

Source: Crunchyroll

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    1. Well… it was actually minister Abe’s decision (he also made martial arts compulsory). While I support that dance is good exercise, I don’t think every gym teacher is a dance teacher… That’s up to Japan’s education system, though :)

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