English Cast of Shangri-La Announced

Funimation Entertainment has revealed the English voice actors and actresses for the upcoming release Shangri-La.
An original creation by Gonzo studios, this science-fiction anime series has been confirmed as a new Funimation acquisition just recently (during last week’s Sakura-con). You can see a full list of the announced cast below.

Ayako                   Clarine Harp

Karin                     Jad Saxton

Klaris                     Trina Nishimura

Kunihito              Austin Tindle

Kuniko                 Lindsay Seidel

Miiko                    Randy Pearlman

Mikuni                   Apphia Yu

Momoko             Kent Williams

Nagiko                 Linda Leonard

Rena                      Jamie Marchi

Reon                     Jason Douglas

Ryoko                   Jennifer Seman

Sayoko                Anastasia Munoz

Shogo                   J. Michael Tatum

Soichiro               Todd Haberkorn

Takehiko             Bryan Massey

Tomoka                Tia Ballard

ADR Engineer    Kyle Phillips

ADR Director      Tyler Walker

Source: Funimation Entertainment

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