Bleach Movies’ Blu-Ray Disk Versions Delayed in UK

According to a current report, the three Bleach movies (Fade to Black, The Diamond Dust Rebellion and Memories of Nobody) will not be available on Blu-Ray Disc until May 28. This is 21 days after the previous set date – May 7th, 2012. It still seems like the Bleach fans are getting less and less acknowledgement with each day, doesn’t it?

Manga Entertainment’s PR named the “delay of stocks” as the main reason of the late distribution of Kaze UK’s licensed thee Bleach movie titles.

The website that came out with the initial news notes that Bleach: Fade to Black, Bleach: The DImanond Dust Rebellion and Bleach: Memories of Nobody will come just in time for the MC Expo in London, so there is not a much hardship to follow even if the wait was long.

Source: UK Anime

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