Seiyuu Aono Takeshi Passes Away

Takeshi Aono, the voice actor who played in some of the most remarkable and sentimental shows from the past such as Mysterious CIties of Gold (Sancho), Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Murai), Dragon Ball (Kami,Picclo Daimao, Major Purple, Shen, Jinmen), Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Shiro Sanada), Ninja Scroll (Dakuan), Yu-Gi-Oh! (Sugoroku Mutou), has passed away. This was announced by a colleague of his – the voice actress Eiko Yamada.

Takeshi Aono was born Jun 19, 1936 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. While many of us have heard his voice in a lot of the good old anime that has created the bond between our hearts and Japan, he wasn’t as popular name as he deserved. Having participated in so many of the classics, as well as in Zero no Tsukaima (Osmond), Mushishi (Jiisama), One Piece (2000 movie’s Ganzo, and the series’ Mihawk Dracule), he should’ve been much more popular with the fans (just check how many people on MAL have tagged him in their favourites – 3). Today, after the news of his death, I urge you all to commemorate his roles and history by watching legally in one way or another at least one of his roles. An episode would be okay even, because the man has given his all to anime and he deserved it.

I, personally, will replay one of my favourite Bookman episodes of D. Gray Man.

Crunchyroll, NicoNico and your DVD collection will almost certainly have at least an episode with him.

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  1. Mihawk Dracule and Bookman are two of the most memorable guys in the anime world. As for MAL – they are in no way representing my understandings and values.

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