Megumi Nakajima to Perform Rinne no Lagrange Season 2’s Theme Song

Megumi Nakajima is a popular Japanese seiyuu and music performer. She will be performing the opening theme song for the second season of the popular mecha anime Rinne no Lagrange from last season.

Famous for her voice acting roles in Macross Frontier (Ranka Lee), Kampfer Sakura Kaede) and others, she is one of the favourite female seiyuu from recent projects. She has also participated as characters in Fairy Tail, Last Exile and No. 6.

Her work on soundtracks for anime is also very vast. Her portfolio includes Macross Frontier, Sacred Seven and Tamayura.

The theme song will be arranged and composed by Rasmus Faber, returning to the position after having worked on the first season’s opening and ending, as is Megui Nakajima. The show’s first OP and ED performances “TRY UNITE!” and “Hello! were shipped in Japan this March 28. As there are still no statistics for the sales of the RInne no Lagrange Soundtrack CD, it seems that Nakajima-san’s performance was great enough to call her back for the new season too.

Source: Yaraon!

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