Shangri-La, Sankarea Added by Funimation

Funimation Entertainment has acquired the license of both Sankare and Shangri-La television anime series. The news was announced at the Sakura-con event earlier today. For both shows, the mobile, streaming, home entertainment and broadcast rights as well as simulcast right for Sankarea (on the company’s website and Nico Nico channel).

Shangri-La first aired on TV in Japan in 2009 and is 24-episodes long. It tells the sotry of life within a last resort city for a world overtaken by global warming. Tokyo turns into Atlas, but not everyone who wants to survive can be happy and peaceful in the new heaven.It is an adaptation of the original novel by Eiichi Ikegami.

Sankarea is a new adaptation of Mitsuri Hattori’s manga. It premiered just yesterday (April 5, 2012) in Japan. It revolves around Chihiro Furuya and his new friend Rea Sanka. He is extremely obsessed by the idea of zombies and the undead and she is ready to take on an odd adventure to fulfill the high school freshman’s big dream “to kiss a zombie girl”. Actually, while trying to revive Chichiro’s dead cat, the boy understands that Rea herself wants to be turned into an undead.

Source: Funimation Entertainment

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