5 More Chapters Until Air Gear is Over

Air Gear manga, serialized by Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen magazine, by Oh!Great will be ending in five chapters. This was announced in the latest issue of the publication. It has been going on since 2003 and has since sprung 35 volumes of great racing adventures.

Air Gear revolves around a certain racing tournament and the main participants in it. Air Trek, a specific type of inline skating, is another way to be strong and powerful as well as feared within the gangsters. Although it is a somewhat underground occupation, Minami-kun has been a strong and feared as a high school student until he picked a fight with the wrong opponent. What saves his life, in a way, is the fact that the sisters that had once taken hi in as a child and he has been living with since, are the strongest team in Air Trek. They introduce him to their world and he soon becomes a known name even in these circles, that are quite different than his usual ones.

Oh! Great is also the creator of Tenjou Tenge and Himiko-den.

Source: Manga News

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