Rinne no Lagrange: Kamokawa Days OVA to Include Game

Rinne no Lagrange: Kamokawa Days, the OVA which was announced last month, will include a special game within the pack. Actually, the disk of the OVA itself will be a hybrid and in addition to the anime video, there will also be an original PlayStation 3 game. This is a new version of franchise that has been founded by titles such as Macross Frontier and .Hack.

The Rinne no Lagrange OVA will ship this summer (no exact date is know by far) and will be preceded by a special theatre screening event on June 23. Ten Japanese theatres will show an animation that will present what is yet to come from the show.

The second season of the television anime series will also begin this summer – in July.

Source: Famitsu

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  1. I can only smile, when I see how the competitive the market is nowadays… Thinks people would think of ;)

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