Easy Going Life Magazine is Here!

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Easy Going Life issue 2 has been published!

Do you remember when I told you I like Noblesse? When i made an interview with EG Scan’s Claudia and when I announced the first ever issue of the mangazine!? Now, proudly saying I was once more a part of it, writing a review for Devil May Cry’s anime series, I am announcing the release of the new issue.

Multiple interviews, otaku horoscope, manga retellings and a lot of positiveness are included in this new Easy Going Life magazine!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. To be honest, I mistook one question in the quiz, but I am an Anime/Manga no Kage… what about you? How much have you been reading and watching lately?

The new issue also provides us with beginner’s notes on Japanese language ( If you want to know the language, you need to LEARN YOUR KANA, everyone!)

You can read the new issue by clicking on the above image. On this site, there are also options to help and participate in the next one, which will come out in Summer 2012.

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