K Anime’s First Trailer Posted (Video)


“K” is the title of a previously announced GORA Project anime series. Initially screened at the Anime Contents Expo 2012 (ACE), this first promo video of the upcoming show is definitely giving us a chance to see what we’re up against. The singer Angela was also announced as a participant in this new anime. The video is available below.


As we have little to no information on the K project, All I can say is that it looks promising. What will become of K by Asura Cryin’s Gou Nakanishi and production studio GoHands is still in the mist of anonymity.


Personally? I like the graphics and the voices, though I am still not aware who the seiyuu will be. Can you guess anyone from what is available in the video?

Source: Official Website (another version of the video is available there as well as the one I’ve posted)

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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