Spring Anime 2012 Season Preview: Queen’s Blade: Rebellion (クイーンズブレイド リベリオン)

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion is a series that will take on the ecchi and turn it to a worldwide force. If that doesn’t make it – I don’t know what will. The story is a continuation of a sort of the previous OVA and games, though a bit more developed. What makes Queen’s Blade; Rebellion better than the usual ecchi show is probably the graphics, the weapons and the advertising.

First of all, let me explain a bit about this preview – I have tried making it as suitable for everyone who visits the site as it is possible. I have not once nor twice said that the content of Queen’s Blade is for a grown-up audience, but it has turned into one of the most commented shows even before its first episode is broadcasted and I would never miss out on previewing it.

The story revolves around the current Queen and winner of the last Queen’s Blade tournament – Claudette “The Thundercloud Queen”. Four years after the first tournament, her despotism and tyranny have taken their toll on the world and there are just a few able to confront her. Annelotte, a young knight and an exiled princess, is leading an army of rebels. Her aim is to fight against the unjust rules of the current time and a revenge for what has once been taken away from her. The Continent is in ruins and a lot of people are afraid to voice their opinions, but the young Knight will try to change the situation.


Tarnyang and Sainyang  are both a part of the Rebel Army, led by Annelotte. These twin sisters from the Chinese lands of Shai-fang are descendants of exorcist carring on the tradition of protecting their village. Tarnyang is a holy sword wielderwhile Sainyang controls different supernatural powers.

Yuit is a childhood friend of Annelotte and often calls her “big brother”. Although she bears the genes of a legendary alchemist and is extremely intelligent, she prefers putting on the mask of a spoilt brat. Vane is an elf-like creature, an automaton that is controlled and created by Yuit.

Captain Liliana is the captain of the Swamp Army, an undead sea warrior with noble antics who follows the rules written in the “Pirate Aesthetics” book by her grandmother Pirate Queen Artemis. Rapier and a crossbow are her original weapons.

Annelotte Kreutz is the leader of the Rebel Army and a main revolutionary force. She is the protagonist of the series. Originally raised as a boy (Alphonse Kreutz) and a former member of the Knigh Corps, she needs to fight her way back into higher grounds after having her castle taken away and overthrow the current Queen.

Shigi (a.k.a. Sigui, Shigyi, Inquisitor Sigui) belongs to the Holy Dynasty and is a nun-inquisitor. She considers the Rebels a true plague to the society she and the religion she so passionately follows and aims at burning them down, as she does with most heretics. Later, though, she joins the Rebellion.

Aldra (a.k.a. Summoner Aldra) is the former Queen and winner of the previous two Queen’s Blade tournaments. Although very strong in the past, it has been understood, after her demon was taken away, that she is actually very unstable. Later she signs a contract with two other demonic forces, but they too are probably not what she needs.


Aya Endo as Annelotte

Aki Toyosaki as Mirim

Ayaka Saito as Ymir

Ayana Taketatsu as Aldra

Haruka Tomatsu as Tarnyang

Harumi Sakurai as Luna Luna

Kaori Mizuhashi as Elina

Kei Shindou as Sainyang

Kikuko Inoue as Branwen

Minako Kotobuki as Izumi

Minori Chihara as Yuit

Satomi Satou as Lyla

Shizuka Itou as Liliana

Suzuko Mimori as Alleyne

Yu Kobayashi as Shigi

Yukiko Takaguchi as Vante


Director: Yousei Morino

Character Design: Rin-Sin, Takayuki Noguchi, Yukiko Ishibashi

Art Director: Kouichi Monma

Chief Animation Director: Rin-Sin, Takayuki Noguchi

Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa

Director of Photography: Atsuho Matsumoto

 Animation Production: ARMS

 Theme Song Arrangement: yamazo (OP)

Theme Song Lyrics: Naomi Tamura (OP)

Theme Song Performance:

OP Naomi Tamura

ED Aika Kobayashi

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion begins April 3, 2012.

Here are some additional images you can wash your eyes with:

Images: ©2012 HobbyJAPAN/QBリベリオンパートナーズ

Official Queen’s Blade Rebellion Website

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