Spring Anime 2012 Season Preview: Zetman (ゼットマン)

13-episode saga “Zetman” is about to start on April 3, 2012. Only two days to go before we all get into the whirlwind of Masakazu Katsura’s action, drama, horror, romance, sci-fi, supernatural and seinen tale about the epic alliance between the Zet sand the Alphas – two different classes who seek the same – justice.

 Years ago, Mitsugai Amagi creates a mighty family company. Amagi Corporation grows in influence, hiding a dirty secret – the firm is creating a race of artificial humans called “The Players” who are competing in deadly fights to entertain the rich. Years have passed and now EVOL – a new race of Players is born and is here with a vengeance…


Jin Kanzaki is another creation of the Amagi Corporation. He’s a human who can transform into a super powerful creature called Zet. They were once created to fight and capture Players. He’s taken away as a child by Gorou Kanzaki, who takes care of him while they’re both living as homeless people under a bridge. In present times, Jin is seen as the only hope for humanity to survive the EVOL’s revenge.

Gorou Kanzaki is a genius scientist in the Amagi Corp. Disgusted of the company’s doings; he runs away with infant Jin, hoping to remove his Zet powers and allow him to live as a normal child.  

Akemi Kawakami is an ex hostess. She’s the foster parent of Jin after the death of Gorou. In the manga, she helps the Amagi Corporation fake her death in front of Jin’s eyes in exchange for money and the custody of her own son she has once lost.

Hanako Tanaka is a young girl who has run away from home. Living on the streets, she meets Jin and falls for him before discovering he’s a Zet.

Seiji Haitani is one of the main antagonists and the brains behind the EVOL. He’s ruthless and does not hesitate to take anyone hostage, including Hanako and Konoha.

Soujinin is a strong Player who is in charge of “cleaning up” defected experiments. He’s under the command of Seiji.

Kouga Amagi is the rich heir of the legendary Mitsugi Amagi – founder of the powerful Amagi Corporation.  He’s a gifted student and sportsman who has devoted himself to justice. Kouga is firmly decided to fight EVOL, especially after he discovers his grandfather’s involvement in the Player’s creation.  Later on, he combines forces with Jin and falls in love with Mayu.

Konoha Amagi is the sister of Kouga.  She met Jin during her volunteer work with the homeless and is having a crush on him ever since. Unaware of her family’s dark past, she’s taken hostage by EVOL’s leader Seiji.

Mitsugai Amagi is the CEO and creator of the “N.E.T. Project” that was the beginning of the Players. He’s also the man behind Z.E.T.  – the initiative that was supposed to gather all runaway Players. After the Players attack his laboratory, Mitsugai decides to let Jin choose his own destiny and promises Kouga to help.

 Seizou Amagi is the father of Kouga and Konoha. He’s also a company CEO and is believed to be one of the masterminds of the Players, even though he denies it.

 Hayami is an executive in the Amagi Corporation. He’s devoted to Kouga and tries to help the Aplhas as much as he can. He’s also part of Kouga’s last attack against EVOL.

Mayu Hashimoto is a teenage prostitute who was at a party in Kouga’s home. She was then shot during a surprise attack. Having lived through it, she starts dating Kouga, while thinking she’s not worthy of him.


Daisuke Namikawa as Jin Kanzaki

Mamoru Miyano as Kouga Amagi

Aya Hisakawa as Yoko Suzuki

Ayumi Fujimura as Mayu Hashimoto

Eiji Itou as Dr. Sugita

Kana Hanazawa as Konoha Amagi

Kenichi Suzumura as Hayami

Koji Yusa as Seiji Haitani

Mariya Ise as Hanako Tanaka

Masashi Hirose as Seizou Amagi

Mitsuo Senda as Gorou Kanzaki

Naomi Kusumi as Mamoru Kabe

Rikiya Koyama as Soujinin

Risa Hayamizu as Akemi Kawakami

Romi Park as young Jin Kanzaki

Yuki Kaida as young Kouga Amagi

Yuya Uchida as Black Suit A

Shozo Iizuka as Mitsugai Amagi

Taiten Kusunoki as Black Suit B

Takayuki Sugo as Inspector Sayama


Production: TMS Entertainment; TOHO; TV Asahi

Director: Osamu Nabeshima (D. Gray-man; Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – Meiou Shinwa; Key Animation for Akira, Castle in the Sky, Blade, Lupin III and more)

Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka

Original Creator: Masakazu Katsura

Character Design: Hirotoshi Takaya

Art Director: Shunichiro Yoshihara

Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera

Color Design: Soko Nakao

Photography: Asahi Production

Editing: Tomoki Nagasaka

Sound Producer: Toru Nakano

Music: Gabriele Roberto; Megumi Sasano; Yasushi Sasamoto; Yuu Yanaura

OP: “dots and lines” by Mummy-D

ED: “Tomeru” by Hitoto

Images: ©桂正和/集英社・「ZETMAN」製作委員会

Official Zetman Website

by Death Scythe

11 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2012 Season Preview: Zetman (ゼットマン)

  1. Great job on the preview – very professional. I couldn’t help but noticing how alike are all character’s faces. There are 2 types of facial structure and everybody looks the same if you remove the hair. Not pretty skilful in my opinion…

    Mind me, though :)

      1. You’re the boss – of course you should. ;) Jokes aside, this is the best preview/summary I’ve seen so far. Good job.

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