Tamayura Anime Gets 2nd Season

Tamyura is a “Healing Anime” by the master of the genre Junichi Sato (Princess Tutu, Aria) and the first series entitled “Tamayura: Hitotose” came out in 2011 an is the second part of the franchise after an OVA became available to the public in 2010.  A manga also began its existence in 2010. The dates for the third instalment are still unannounced, but it will surely bring a smile to the fans of both Sato-san and Tamayura.

The show follows the young Fuu Sawatari. She is a lover of photography and practices her hobby as much as she can – putting every memory on her late father’s Rollei 35S camera’s memory. We join her as she moves in her father’s childhood town in Hiroshima Prefecture after five years of absence. Takehara is a city near the Seto inland sea. Her first year in High School becomes more enjoyable than she had thought as in addition to her childhood friend Kaoru Hanawa, she meets Maon Sakurada and Norie Okazaki and the four of them spend the school days together.

Source: Facebook and Tamayura Official Website

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8 thoughts on “Tamayura Anime Gets 2nd Season

    1. “Iyashikei anime” = healing (loosely translated). It’s watched in order to mend a broken heart or mood. At least that’s how people say. It is a subgenre of slice-of-life.

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