Kaku-san-sei Million Arthur RPG for Smartphone (Video)

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I am not usually into mobile games, but this one definitely got my attention when I saw the trailer in my inbox today. Kaku-san-sei Million Arthur (Diffusion Million Arthur) is a fantasy RPG for smartphones (both Android and iOS) and is developed by Mighty Craft. The animation is by J.C. Staff and is really pleasant. You can see it below.

Looking like a mix between Toaru Majutsu no Index and Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu it is something really pleasant. The Toaru Majutsu no Index similarities may be expected because the anime’s original creator Kazuma Kamachi is the RPG’s screenwriter.

“When 1,000,000 King Arthur Draws 1,000,000 Excaliburs, the story begins” (Shinigami-sama translation)

Without too much information given, we do know that it will be a free game with paid customizations and additional content.

Song: “Million of Bravery” by Kenichi Maeyamada (a.k.a. Hyadain)

You can also see the English version of the song here:

Source: Square Enix YouTube

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