Second Moyashimon Anime to Air in July

A second anime series will be created for the Moyashimon sereies. The first instalment aired October-December 2007 and was an adaptation of Masayuki Ishikawa’s homonymous manga. This new second season of the show will begin broadcasting in July and will be a weekly show, airing every Thursday.

Moyashimon is the story of Tadayasu Sawaki who has a very odd and quite unbelievable ability- he can see microorganisms and he sees them as chibi creatures at that! Being very interested in agriculture, he enrolls in an agricultural university. With the discovery of his special abilities and powers, one of his professors gets involved and passionately wishes to help him gain more control and understand better his communication and vision-related gift.

The second season’s episode one will be broadcasted in July and each episode will follow each Thursday. The place is Fuji-TV’s Noitamina and the date is in the Agricultural world. It is a very education show as every little bacillus is portrayed differently and will surely be enjoyed by both children and grown-ups.

The Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture manga is published by Kodansha in the Evening magazine since 2004 and is an ongoing project.

Source: Comic Natalie

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