Recorder to Randoseru Season 2 Announced (Video)

Tuesday – Recorder to Randoseru‘s official website informed all the fans of the show who visited it on that day that the series will go on for at least another season. It will be entitled Recorder to Randosero Re. A 63-second trailer was released today, confirming the announcement. You can see it below.

Everything will be kept as it was during the first season, when it comes to staff that is. Production will be left for Dream Creation, animation by Seven and Hiroshi Kimura will direct the episodes as done in the past season. The cast will also be preserved.

The new theme song “Paprika” will be preformed by Stare.

Source: Recorder to Randoseru Website

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5 thoughts on “Recorder to Randoseru Season 2 Announced (Video)

  1. I actually find this show quite disturbing… I know there are plenty of incest implying anime, but this one s plain useless. Sad it will have a second season.

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