Masashi Kishimoto to Work on the New Naruto: Road to Ninja Film

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Following the example of his colleague mangaka Eiichiro Oda and the upcoming One Piece movie, Masashi Kishimoto will too be in control over the new Naruto: Road to Ninja movie that will be released in theatres across Japan starting this July 27.

This week’s 17th yearly issue of the Weekly Shounen Jump manga magazine, which is published by Shueisha, announced that the original creator of the Naruto manga will be not only supervising, but create the story and characters himself.

As the film will be the one to celebrate the first decade of the anime franchise, it will definitely need to be something special and not just the yearly dose of “Naruto the Movie”. This is probably why the mangaka will personally take on the job.

The plot will not be taken from the manga and judging by the title of the instalment, it will tell many stories of successful ninja and by the image that will include Naruto as a main line, his mother and his father and all his friends, even the ones that wouldn’t like being called this.

Source: Manga News Japon

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6 thoughts on “Masashi Kishimoto to Work on the New Naruto: Road to Ninja Film

  1. Great move. He really should’ve made it earlier, though. He’s famous enough to make them take him under consideration ;)

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