Tari Tari Anime Announced

P.A. Works (Another, Canaan) has just announced the new project the company will work on. The TV anime Tari Tari will be based on an original work by EVERGREEN and, except for P.A. Works’ animation, it will be an Infinite production. Directing and series composition is left in the hands of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva’s  Masakazu Hashimoto.

Here is the full list of cast and staff members announced earlier today:

Director & Series Composition: Hashimoto Masakazu
Character Designer & General Animation Director: Sekiguchi Kanami
Music: Hamaguchi Shiro

Ayahi Takagaki (Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s Feldt Grace)
Asami Seto (AnoHana’s Atsumu Matsuyuki)
Saori Hayami (AnoHana’s Chiriko Tsurumi)
Nobunaga Shimazaki (Ano Natsu de Matteru’s Kaito Kirishima)

Starting date:Summer 2012

Yes, no roles have been announced, but it seems like the seiyuu will make a good drama CD. Now we’re left to see what will Hashimoto-san manage, being not as experienced in the lists of directing and composition (although with a lot of work as episode director in various shows including Fullmatel Alchemist).

Source: Tari Tari Official Website

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