Japan After the Quake – Neko no Sumu Shima Anime Short (Video)

Asahi Production’s Miyagi branch studio created a special short anime movie that follows the lives of cats in Ishinomaki city, a place famous for the felines that roam free and are all over the place. Miyagi prefecture suffered severe damage at the Great Eastern japan Earthquake events last year. The Neko no Sumu Shima  (The Island Where Cats Live) tells the story after the quake in a metaphorical way.

Neko no Sumu Shima follows the lives of cats after the quake. We follow their attempts to reunite with the ones they’ve lost and to find peace with the aftereffects of the situation.

Except for the great number of felines, Ishinomaki city is known as the manga city with the Shotaro Ishinomori Manga Museum, the Manga Island Tashirojima and also hosts a great, life-size replica of Date Masamune’s San Juan Bautista (The Date Maru) warship that was used in 1613 to transport an embassy to the Pope.

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