Ghibli’s Toshio Suzuki Creates Sumi-e Inspired Animation Vid

One of the big three in Studio Ghibli – Toshio Suzuki – has drawn an incredibly cute and inspiring animation for the Nisshin company’s new advertisement, which has already aired in Japan. The main character Konyara is joined by its smaller version – Ko-konyara. This is the second collaboration of the director and the website since a video in 2010.

Nisshin Seifun Group is a Japanese food company that is also involved with confection products. It has already aired one ad in collaboration with Ghibli, but it was back in 2010. This one is a newer, even cuter version of the sumi-e-nspired art of Suzuki-sensei.

Here is a little gif animation of the movie. You can get to the whole animation by clicking on it! Enjoy!


Source: Nisshin Seifun Group Website.

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