Record of Lodoss War NOT to Be Released by Media Blasters

The Record of Lodoss War titles will not be released by the North American company Media Blasters. This became known by a chance as a Facebook fan asked the staff of the official page on the social network about the anime. It is yet another item that will be dropped by MB as earlier the company put Bakuman Season 2 on hold as well as Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians.

The 1990 Record of Lodoss War video anime series as well as the 1998 Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight television anime (sequel to the first one) were announced as new licenses in 2010. It seems, though, that they have not managed to attain a secure place in the release list of Media Blasters.

Fortunately at least for the Queen’s Blade fans, this project is not only certain but the dubbing will be made on time (hopefully without problems).

Source: Media Blasters Facebook

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7 thoughts on “Record of Lodoss War NOT to Be Released by Media Blasters

  1. That’s really bad to mislead fans in this way and not even giving an official announcement. Shame on them.

      1. That is what the current market seems to be worldwide. Hentai and ecchi, superficial series with a lot of fan service are more sought than mysteries, thrillers and historical anime. That’s the way it is. The tap of taboo has been pulled off hentai and such borderline anime as Queen’s Blade are one of the world’s favourites.

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