Rinne no Lagrange Season 2 Confirmed

A second season of Winter’s Rinne no Lagrange (The Flower of Rinne) anime series has been confirmed today. This was announced through the show’s official Twitter account, but didn’t include any specific detail such as date of the first episode’s appearance on TV and at what times it will run. The number of episodes still remains undisclosed too.

The first season was initially announced with the information that the story itself would be divided into two seasons. This, however, was still unconfirmed until earlier today. To most of the people, it seemed like first season still had some issues when it comes to viewers and the unannounced was an approval for it. I, however, think that the late confirmation is just the result of the fact that no one thought that there was a need for it… though the rumours of the show being cancelled before the second season urged the staff to confirm it.

Here is Rinne no Lagrange’s preview on the Shinigami list. If you’re interested.

Source: Twit

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