Medaka Box Character Profile: Kenkichi Hitoyoshi (Video)

After the lead character, Kenkichi Hitoyoshi is the second character from the upcoming Medaka Box television anime series to receive a personal profile promotional video. Charming, explosive and unique – that is what we get to know botu this young fellow. The video, of course, is available below.

Medaka Box is an anime about leisure and the problems at a certain japanese high school. We follow the lead character, as she becomes the Students’ Council President and, though the help of her newly established suggestion box, tries to solve various different problems of her schoolmates.

There is also a full preview of Medaka Box available on the Shinigami List! Characters, Staff, Cast and more detailed story can be found in it. The official Promo Video and both two character profiles are there, too!

Source: YouTube

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