Library War: The Wings of Revolution Film Trailer Is Posted (Video)

Kadokawa Anime has just released the official trailer for this June 16th’s Library War: The Wings of Revolution anime film. The trailer presents us what is coming to theatres in many ways. Romance, action and charm are entwined, to supposedly show us, the multiple sides and personal views on the main story of the movie. Video is available below.

Library wars: The Wings of Revolution ( Toshokan Sensou: Kakumei no Tsubasa/ 図書館戦争 革命のつばさ) is an adaptation of Hiro Arikawa’s Library Wars novel series. It is also the second time the books are being taken on as a animated adaptation was released also in 2008 when the Library War TV anime was running on television channels across Japan.

The story is a feast for all interested in books and their history. As during the Church’s rule over Europe, in 2016’s Japan there are forbidden texts and no library or bookstore can find a way around this censorship that is threatening to close almost entirely the window to world knowledge by confiscating every single one of the printed copies of the unwanted books. We follow Iku Kasahara who joins the Library Defence Force in order to protect the items that need to be saved. Having dreamt of this position since childhood, she thinks of it in a romantic and idealized way. The truth, however, has almost nothing to do with what she had imagined as a child.


Source: Anime Anime

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5 thoughts on “Library War: The Wings of Revolution Film Trailer Is Posted (Video)

  1. Looks like those movies (NCIS, for example), where they follow the career of military people, while adding romance and perky personalities to make them look “human”. Not sure if I’ll enjoy it, nor if it’s original and cool for an anime subject, but – who knows?

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