Bakemonogatari PSP Game’s PV Streamed (Video)

Namco Bandai Games’ newest instalment of the very popular franchise Bakemonogatari by NisiOisin (also related to Nisemonogatari and the Bakemonogatari anime) has started streaming a special promo vid for the upcoming game for PSP. It is  30-seconds long and present basic sides pf the product. Video – below.

Bakemonogatari Portable, which is the full title of the PSP game (not very creative, I know), will come out in Japan on August 23, 2012 and will cost 6,280 Japanese Yen (equalling about 58 Euro). There will also be a limited edition pre-ordinary version which will be sold at a price of 9,980  Japanese Yen (around 93 Euro), in the box of which there will also be found: a multi-purpose pouch, special CD and DVD, a custom Bakemonogatari theme and even a booklet with information and additional illustrations.

Although there are hardly any officially released details about this adaptation of NisiOisin’s light novels, from the video we can see that there will definitely be a lot of communication and it will not be in the classic still mode too! Are you hoping for an otome game or for an rpg? I definitely don’t have any specific expectations personally, but would love to know what the fans of this franchise think about the upcoming game for PlayStation Portable!

Source: YouTube

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

8 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari PSP Game’s PV Streamed (Video)

  1. As much as it’s puzzling me, I would actually prefer it to be an otome game. Making it an RPG will render it useless. Who would prefer this PRG than a ‘One PIece’ or ‘Naruto’ one?

    1. I see your point there, but the Bakamonogatari franchise is so famous that it will gain well, even as an RPG.

    2. I suppose you’re really correct in noting this, but what about those who want some senseless rpg? It cannot always be hit, get weapons, die, revive, distribute skill points, become stronger and beat the hell out of your enemies, right? Some rpg games can be on the slow side too… I suppose.

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