Spring Anime Season 2012 Preview: Hiiro no Kakera (緋色の欠片)

Hiiro no Kakera is originally an otome game released in 2006 for PlayStation 2. It is an Idea Factory project that attracted not only new fans of for the genre, but also kept the old ones and became one of the most bought otome games in its time. Hence, it is no wonder we will be watching it as an anime adaptation this spring. The only question is – why did it take as long? March 6, 2012 is the date when Episode 1 will premiere in Japan. Anyway, Hiiro no Kakera is the third anime out of the 2012’s spring season that is reviewed by the Shinigami List.

The show tells us a story of adventure and supernatural events. We follow the young Tamaki Kasuga as she returns to her grandmother’s hometown where many of her family history lies. Little does she know of what awaits her there. One of the most surprising facts she learns is that there are five heroes, guardians of Tamayohime (Shinigami-sama note: it is mainly a common term used for a woman who acts as a wife to a Kami and gives birth to his children; also lives in with the Kami). The five guardians are very strict and respectful to their tradition and obligations. Each of them also has a different special power, abilities that make them unique and very important as a part of the team.

Here are the main characters and some additional information:


(from left to right)

Yuuichi Komura is a descendant of the Nine-tailed fox and a mesmeriser, meaning he controls the enemy’s mind through illusion. His pure power is the spirit fire.

Takura Onizaki is a descendant of the Oni (evil spirits, demons) and a very strong guardian. He has hard times controlling the oni power, especially when near the sealed magical sword Onikirimaru.

Mahiro Atori is a wind elementalist and a descendant of the Raven.

Tamaki Kasuga is the next Tamayorihime after her grandmother and she is now the one to be protected by the guardians.

Shinji Inukai is a healer and can use the power of words to control almost every situation (how smart of the creators, keeping in mind the meaning of his name – Shinji from Shinjitsu – truth).

Suguru Oomi is the unofficial leader of the guardians and a water elementalist who can work with seals and barriers. he is also a descendant of the Orochi (giant Snake)


Kousuke Okano as Mahiro Atori

Marie Miyake as Tamaki Kasuga

Tomokazu Sugita as Takuma Onizaki

Chihiro Aikawa as Mitsuru Kotokura

Daisuke Hirakawa as Suguru Oumi

Daisuke Namikawa as Yuuichi Komura

Hiroki Shimowada as Shinji Inukai

Hiroki Yasumoto as Eins

Kazunori Nomiya as Mysterious Boy

Rikako Yamaguchi as Osaki-ko

Sayaka Ohara as Vier

Suzuko Mimori as Kiyono Takara

Tamie Kubota as Shizuki Ugaya

Tomomi Isomura as Aria

Yoshihisa Kawahara as Zwei

Yoshikazu Nagano as Masataka Ashiya

Youji Ueda as Drei


Director: Bob Shirohata

Series Composition: Yoshiko Nakamura

Script: Yoshiko Nakamura

Music: Hikaru Nanase

Original Character Design: Yone Kazuki

Character Design: Naoyuki Onda

Animation Production: Studio DEEN

OP Song: “Nee” by Maiko Fujita

An older song of the same performer. Sorry, but the new songs are unfindable before the anime comes out. Officially, I mean.

ED Song: “Kono Te de Idaki Tomeru kara” by Shuhei Kita

Official Hiiro no Kakera Website

Images: © IF・DF/「緋色の欠片」製作委員会

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