Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi Banashi to Begin on April 1

A new television anime series will begin this April 1 on TV Tokyo. The show is entitled Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi Banashi (Hometown Regeneration: Japan’s Culture Tradition). It will tell us many traditional Japanese stories, legends and myths.

The first episode (airing at 09:00 am local time) will be about a silent farming family who get to own a new dog. The new inhabitant of the house brings them joy, happiness and most of all – fortune. Everyone being jealous, envious, the neighbours of this family decides to take the animal for themselves.

The story is to be narrated by Akira Emoto and Yuneko Matsukane.

Source: Anime News Network

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7 thoughts on “Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi Banashi to Begin on April 1

  1. Japanese traditional stories are fascinating. Combined with the sense of humour I see in the animation style, this will be well worthy. :)

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