Soreike! Anpanman Yomigaere Bananajima to Premiere July 7

The 24th Anpanman movie will tell another lovely story about the main character and a new case for him. This time it’s a desperate situation on Banana Island.

Banana Island is a place where the weather is fine and pretty, tasty bananas always grow. Baikinman, for some reason, is trying to eliminate every single one of the delicious fruits. Anpanman will have to travel to this distant location to prevent its destruction and the success of his antagonists’ evil plans. Teamwork and never giving up are the two man topics in this instalment of the popular franchise.

The film will begin screening this July 7 and will be shown simultaneously with a new short piece entitled “Rhythm De Teasobi Anpanman to Fushigi na Parasol”

Source: Cinema Today

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7 thoughts on “Soreike! Anpanman Yomigaere Bananajima to Premiere July 7

  1. Charming in its own way. Don’t think it’s up to date, but I believe Japanese people will appreciate it.

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