Yuusuke Murata with a Hand-drawn 3D Manga

Eyeshield 21’s mangaka has been working on a project with an entirely new and original method of creation. The new manga is 3-dimensional, making the objects and scenes more realistic and touch-like. The graphics are still in a sketch, but it surely brings us to a whole other level of art! See below for everything you must know about this work of art and physics!

I cannot say I am feeling calm about all this… It was about time some human actually thinks of making things look realistic by making them realistically and not imitating reality. I give him the thumbs up, a bravo, a standing ovation for this idea and the results by now. The folding techniques, the lighting used and the angles are doing a miracle to this otherwise sketch-like creation.

I would surely be happy to be able to buy this, even if only for the support since I won’t be able to fold the paper as well as he does…

The full image-series from the unnamed project can be seen !!!!!!!!!!!HERE!!!!!!!!!! (via Hisashi Sasaki, ANN)

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Yuusuke Murata with a Hand-drawn 3D Manga

    1. Why should you say this now, dude?! The guy did something funny and original and here you are whining on his only manga so far. Give him a brake.

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