Japan in a Day Documentary by Ridley Scott and Fuji TV (Video)

“Japan in a Day” will be the title of a special documentary project produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free company and Fuji TV, granting the chance to show how life has changed and developed exactly a year after the great Japan Earthquake and the following tsunami wave from March 11, 2011.

Ridley Scott and Tony Scott together with Fuji TV are urging all Japanese citizens and members of the society to record their lives from March 11, 2012 and upload the videos to the Japan in a Day YouTube web page, especially created for the occasion. From all the videos, scenes will be chosen and added to the official production ones in order to create a documentary that will show the strength and abilities of the Japanese people to win against the odds. (or at least that is what I hope the final result will do).

The project will be mainly charitable as the money that will be earned from the viewers of the final movie are said to be going for donations to the Japanese people who need them after what happened last year. As well as this financial part, 200 video cameras will definitely be donated to people form the affected areas.

Source: Fuji TV Japan in a Day (Japanese language)

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5 thoughts on “Japan in a Day Documentary by Ridley Scott and Fuji TV (Video)

    1. So true! I think he’s doing himself a favour more than he’s doing it for the people…Anything that shows how amazing Japanese society is, deserves a chance :)

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