Another’s Yukito Ayatsuji Plans Sequel and Spinoff

The original creator of the story behind Another, the very creepy horror mystery anime that is currently airing in Japan and Crunchyroll, Yukito Ayatsuji is planning on writing two new books about Mei Misaki and  Class 3


Another ~Episode S will be a spinoff story while Another 2 will be the title of the sequel to the mysterious deaths that are related to a dead girl, a certain class in a Japanese school and the terror it causes in those involved with it all.

Since I do care a lot about this story, I will most definitely follow the news about it, anxiously expecting details about the future plots and possible title changed and transformations.



Source: Twitter

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9 thoughts on “Another’s Yukito Ayatsuji Plans Sequel and Spinoff

  1. So glad there will be a sequel ! I hope they’ll adapt it in anime !
    And I also hope the author will keep characters such as Mei or Teshigawara in his sequel, I became attached with the characters…

    1. I know what you mean. This one is quite beautifully made and has a special vibe. All others are just not for an old otaku like me. ;)

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