October’s Upotte!! with Anime Episodes Inside!

The month of October will bring not just a cool breeze and the beginning of the cold days for 2012m it will also bring joy and fun to the fans and readers of Kitsune Kennouji’s Upotte!! manga about anthropomorphic schoolgirl-weapons. Cool, eh? The Blu-ray Disk episode will be manga-only and will be a full one (about 25 minutes long).

Can you find the resemblance between Ichiroku and Funko and FNC M16A4? What happens when you read the rifle titles as a Japanese would? 1(ichi)6(roku) and Fu(F)N(N)Ko(C)? Yes, the characters in this show are named after their respective guns! I am starting to like this more and more!

Here is the full list of actors and seiyuu:

Iori Nomizu as Funko (FNC)

Misuzu Togashi as Ichiroku (M16A4)

Kaori Sadohara as Shigu (SG550)

Misato as Eru (L85A1)

Saeko Zougou as Ichiyon (M14)

Mina as Faru (FAL L1A1)

Mami Kosuge as Jiisuri (G3A3)


Kadokawa Shoten has been publishing the manga for quite some time. Young Ace was the first home of Upotte!! (September 4, 2009 to February 4, 2011) while the newer magazine to publish the interesting and not quite cliche story is 4-Koma Nano Ace.

Source: Kadokawa Shoten

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