Medaka Box to Premiere on April 4

Sad as it is, Medaka Box will not start on April’s fools’… I would have loved it if at least this seemingly fun show did start on the day where the entire world enjoys a good joke, prank and even humorous meeting with old friends. So, yes – Medaka Box will have its first episode broadcasted on April 4th, 2012.

The opening theme song is to be played by Gundam AGE and Katanagatari’s Minami Kuribayashi and will be called “Happy Crazy Box” (for now it sounds the most convincing title for a theme song for this show, doesn’t it?). Ending theme song “Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette” is to be performed by the leading voice actress (playing Medaka-san) Aki Toyosaki (K-ON! and Squid Girl 2).


Aki Toyosaki as Medaka Kurokami

Ai Kayano as Mogana Kikaijima

Emiri Katou as Hansode Shiranui

Yuuki Ono as Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

Daisuke Namikawa as Kouki Akune



Series Director: Shouji Saeki

Series Composition: Shouji Saeki

Original Manga:

Akira Akatsuki (art)

NisiOisin (story)

Character Design: Ikuo Kuwana

Source: Ota-suke via Anime News Network

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