Mouretsu Pirates’ Mugen no Ai by Momoiro Clover Z (Video)

The very odd and catchy theme song of last season’s Mouretsu Pirates (Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku a.k.a. Bodacious Pirates etc.) Mugen no Ai (Eternal Love) has received an official video! Yey or Nay? Anyway, the performance by Momoiro Clover Z is definitely something to remember, it is for good or for bad… you decide!

I can’t say that Bodacious Pirates (oh how much I dislike this translation!!!) Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku was my favourite show of the year by now, but it definitely can make an otaku smile at a few moments. However, I have always wondered what was with that song… Now I do see what was wrong… Everything! However, it did suit the show well, in my opinion. What do you think about it?

Source: YouTube via Crunchyroll

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

7 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates’ Mugen no Ai by Momoiro Clover Z (Video)

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  1. Yes…I see what you mean with both – the video and the “bodacious” comment. I mean…does even someone use that word after the 80’s? :D

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