Ebiten Otaku Anime: Staff and Characters Revealed

In a recent update, the Ebiten Otaku anime showed information about the main characters and the production staff. As I have previously noted, this lovely moe-style anime will be something really common, but also will be a cute way to fill-up your moe-style list of watched anime.

Ebiten revolves around a certain Japanese high school and what is happening within the different clubs in it. This specific tale is of the young student named Noya Itsuki who instead of joining the “Astronomy Club” ends up being in the “Otaku Girls’ Club”. The transcribed names seem odd, but in Japanese, out of the three kanji that make up each name, only one is different and they both are read in the same way!


Creator, scripts: SCA-ji

Director: Hideki Okamoto (Battle Girls – Time Paradox)

Art (of Monthly Comp Ace-serialized, Kadokawa Comic Ace-published manga): Kira Inugami

Character Design: Atsuko Watanabe

Series Script Editor: Yuuko Kakihara (Heaven’s Lost Property, Persona 4 The Animation)

Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa

Music Production: AMG MUSIC

Animation Production: AIC Classic


Itsuki Noya

The transfer student who was up for Astronomy but is now in the otaku world!

Kyouko Todayama

The troublemaking one, loves yuri-ing and changes.

Hakata Kanamori

The ultimate fujioshi (female otaku) who buys three of each doujinshi and shounen-ai she buys – one for promotion of the style,one for reading and one for keeping in a perfect condition on the shelf.

Rikei Hiromatsu

The odd one out of the lot – she foresees through Tarot cards, she detests kawaii things.

Hasumi Ohba

The vice-president who is always up for a fight is it’s for the protection of her ideals.

Yuka Iseda

The Student Council president who is said to have been a Tenmon-bu club, but is now considering it an enemy and will do everything to take it down.

Images: (C)2012 すかぢ・狗神煌/海老栖川高校天悶部

Source: OCN Anime News via Anime News Network

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